• When Balloons are absolute Rockstars!

Balloons; they play a far bigger role in my life than I ever imagined they would. I didn't choose balloons, they kinda chose me. And now, I'm obsessed. confetti balloons giant tassel balloons, sprawling balloon installations; who knew I'd talk about balloons so often in my adult life?!

There was a time that if you were looking for balloons for your wedding or event, your options were very limited. But that's changing fast and we're happy to be part of the revolution. Bickiboo has become known for its creative balloon work and my collections are the product of the inspiration from many places - sometimes from studying the incredible work of huge international balloon brands, sometimes from glancing at a single Pinterest image that sparks a whole collection. Today, I want to share some of the people and images that continue to to spur me on. So here are a few occasions when balloons were complete rockstars... 

Every time Charles Pétillon breathes... 

The French artist creates latex masterpieces and I'm basically in awe of him. Above is an installation called Heartbeat at Convent Garden in London, UK last year. ...Are you even able?! Below are some more pieces from his 'Invasion' series, and you can check out the rest here.

When they are rockstars at weddings

It is no longer tacky to have balloons at weddings.  These giant balloons with or without tassels absolutely rocks!

When they're a far cry from the Naff balloon arches of yore..Balloon arches are no longer single-colour, cheesy, prom photo backdrops. Nowadays, they look like they emerged from source themselves and come in a kaleidoscope of colour palettes with added creative elements and a tonne of artistic flair. 

Above left: Oh It's Perfect Above Right: The House The Lars Built Bottom: J Wiley Photography

When Tim Walker has anything to do with it..

 I can't really overstate how much I love Tim Walker. I clearly remember seeing the British photographer's Lily Takes a Trip editorial in Vogue in the early noughties and audibly gasping. He's a genius, and a balloon-loving one at that. 

The image above is from his Mad Merry Marvelous editorial from Vogue Italia and below from his Moet campaign featuring Scarlet Johanson, as well as a selection from various editorials and campaigns photographed by  Tim Walker and Luis Monteiro

When they are unexpected...

Oh nothing, just a MASSIVE balloon tree in the middle of the street in Eindhoven. No biggy. Read all about the harebrained idea, turned real actual thing (the way all the best things happen!) here.

When they are mixed with natural elements...

Giant balloons with floral garlands are a big hit this year and are so simple to create. If it's for your wedding, ask your florist to create the tails as part of your wedding flowers package and tie them on like you would a regular tassel balloon tail. If you're DIYing your floral balloon garland, all you'll need is some florist wire and green florist tape, both of which you can get at the garden centre. Need some tips? Read this

Left: Grey Likes Baby Right: We Are Origami

When they inspire a whole new generation of balloons.... 

Jihan Zencirli of Gironimo balloons is the original artist behind the tassel balloon we all know and love today. She created tassel balloons for her mate's birthday party and they were such a huge hit, she took them on the road. Get to know Jihan in this interview - she's fascinating.

Above is her now iconic collection for BHLDN (Anthropologie's wedding brand) and below are some of her incredible installations - the influence of which you can see in many balloon artists work, worldwide. 

When they are anything you want them to be...

Not everyone is into oversized, rainbow-coloured balloons. Balloons can be grown-up and sophisticated too - check out this marbelised, Gatsy-inspired display at my beloved Aynhoe Park. And you can see the rest of this AMAZING event here. Unreal!

When they are dancing in the ceiling....

Balloon ceilings are amazing! Expect a long-overdue Bickiboo event soon. And expect a balloon ceiling at it! If anyone wants to book us to create one for their event, contact us on admin@bickiboo.com. How awesome are they?! 

Designlovefest / The Alison Show/ Google

So there you have it. This little post should give you an idea of why we are so obsessed with all things balloons. 

Want us to create magical balloons for your wedding, party or event ? Contact us on admin@bickiboo.com. 

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