Gold Mini 'Saucy' Saucer Crackers


If you’re stuck for dinner party ideas these mini gold 'Saucy' Crackers, full or truth and dares are sure to spice up the evening!

Add some cheeky fun to your dinner party with these gold 'Truth or Dare' mini Saucy Crackers. These adorable miniature crackers look the part and are the perfect conversation starter with a ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ scroll in each cracker. Each pack contains 8 crackers, made from gold metallic paper and embellished with gold bows. The crackers can also be served up with cocktails, coffees, over the dinner table or at a hen party.

Designed By Talking Tables UK


8 mini crackers and 8 truth or dares per pack

Each cracker measures 10cm x 2cm